Registering your students for an Athens account

Student records can only be bulk uploaded. This means that you will need to provide Eduserv with the names, course expiry dates, and email addresses of your students in one of the formats specified in the document below. Please make sure this complies with the Data Protection policies of your orgnaisation before uploading.

Instructions for formatting data and bulk uploading users to your institutional Athens account:

Please note that some administrators are missing the step where they need to allocate the permission set to users to grant them access to the resources. For bulk uploads there is a column where the administrator can specify which permission sets to allocate to the user.

If there is an issue for students accessing the content the administrator can allocate the permission sets to each user group by performing the following steps:

- Hover over 'User permissions' > 'Via permission sets' and select 'List'.
- Click the 'NHS National Content' permission set and then select 'Allocate permission set'.
- Select the option 'Allocate by user group' and click 'Allocate' against each group.