Becoming an HEI OpenAthens administrator

Each participating HEI will need a local OpenAthens administrator. The administrator will initiate the uploading of student records, manually add any staff who require access to the National Core Content and answer queries from their institutional OpenAthens account holders.
It is the responsibility of the OpenAthens administrator to ensure that uploading of records complies with the Data Protection policies of their institution as this varies from organisation to organisation. If there are issues, you may wish to send an email to potential users before uploading records informing them that they will need to opt OUT of the scheme by notifying you within a given timescale.

Once you have nominated your local OpenAthens administrator please contact Cathryn Peppard ( to ensure your institution is added to the 'participating institutions' list.

When you receive your OpenAthens administrator password, you can access your administration page at:

There is a lot of help available to new administrators on the Eduserv pages and this information is only visible once you have been enrolled as an administrator.

Guidance for HE OpenAthens administrators

Generic guidance for OpenAthens administrators is available at:

Beginner and intermediate webinars introducing OpenAthens administration are available from:

Further guidance on best practice for HE OpenAthens administrators is available on request.